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The company "GM Plast" has been engaged in the production of plastic profiles for the furniture industry since 2000.

From the first beginning, we placed emphasis on high quality and wide range of colors of our products, so that the brand, "" has a strong position on polish and foreign markets. Initially, our company produced only the profiles  C from hard PVC, and profiles T made ​​of soft PVC, designed to trim the edge of the chipboard 16 and 18 mm. Then we began to gradually expand the range with new solutions. And so, the offer included transparent profile to seal the kitchen plinth also dedicated to furniture panels 16 and 18 mm and Kitchen worktop profile - designed to mask the gap between the wall and worktop. Another of our product, were transparent seals, designed for different systems of alcoves and wardrobes furnitures. There are two types of these products: seal U1 and seal U2 - for glass thickness of 4 mm.

In addition to the standard offer, which we offer to our customers, we are open to new projects and cooperation proposals. We can quickly realize new and unusual color orders. We will match any color dyed in the mass and the color of the wood structure and execute practically every dimension of profiles according to customer’s needs. What is important, provides a very short time of execution of orders, usually from 7 to 14 days.

Despite the enormous pressures of the market at a low price, we are still working on maintaining the highest quality. For production, we use the prepared granules of the highest quality, which results in the quality of our profiles. For demanding customers, we offer protective foils and robust packaging.

As a novelty in 2011 we introduced to our regular offers, new proposals aimed to framing industry. These are the following profiles: profile RAMS13/13 - replacing the traditional wooden profiles and profile RAM19/10 - replacing the expensive aluminum profiles. Used for mass production in factories as well as in frame factories for framing photos, prints, drawings, diplomas or small ../images.

Marcin Zdanuczyk
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